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I am a student in the fourth year of engineering cycle in geosciences at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis. My university degree as a geoscience engineer allowed me to collect a multidisciplinary training. This course served me to follow and collect a polyvalent and high-level training in geology, cartography, oil and sub-surface geophysics, sedimentology, mineralogy, hydrogeology, environment, geotechnical ...

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since my childhood I really like the versatility and that manifests in my work.


I am the president of Naj7in f concours sans discussion which I help the students of the preparatory classes to pass their national competition and to be among the first, by providing them a valuable documents for their studies also studying them by negligible prices in certain subjects such as geology, biochemistry , mathematical ...
help people is a sacrifice

hiker's guide

I am the president of the best hikers. My main goal is to discover the beauty of my country Tunisia also to make fun for students by walking in the beautiful scenery and get rid of stress school. My role is to choose the direction that we will visit and organize our hike according to the conditions of the management.
Tunisia is the most beautiful in the world

engineering student in geotechnics

As a future geotechnical engineer, my studies in the FST, which has the character of training as a high-level engineer, allowed me to work in the field, analyzing and interpreting also to use today's technologies like GIS software such as ArcGIS.. and geotechnical software such as TALREN ... also to acquire a character of creativity and to resist the complications of work and solve them.

some other things about me.

life is not studying, eating and sleeping .
it's more than that, you have to leave your own trace in this little world

Web Developper

I am a web developer officially certified by many platform like TOSA, TemplateMonster...

Medical Student

medicine is an indispensable discipline to study it . it's my hobby that's why i have a simple idea about this discipline

study of Korbus cliff fractures

To study the fracturing at the level of the cliff of kourbous in this mission one estimates the number of fracturing and their direction..

field mission with Abdelli Wafa

it is a field mission in the south of Tunisia which has as a bute to study the formations Tunisia also the valorization of the sand of Sidi-Aich

analyze, calculate and interpret

in addition to the field missions I do missions in the laboratory for example I determined the hydrocarbons in a given sample.

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