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« The very effective duet arrangements are by Martin Caron […]
Duo Caron captures the essence of each piece [of Walton] quite admirably. […]
[Elgar's Introduction and lyrical Allegro] is an effective closing number on a most enjoyable program.
I must admit that after a number of hearings of this wonderful release‚ it is the McCartney tunes that I catch myself humming. »
- James Harrington‚ American Record GuideBritish Piano 4-Hands

« The Duo Caron‚ resolutely turned toward modernity‚ showcases works from Paul McCartney‚ William Walton and Edward Elgar. Nicely and successfully done. »
- Christophe Rodriguez‚ Le Journal de Montréal

« Rather cheerful music [Appaloosa-Meditation]‚ or reserved‚ according to the expressive style inspired by the author‚ and subtly delivered by the duo. Besides‚ Josee and Martin Caron give an excellent performance via this album‚ specifying the quality of their interpretation‚ always sensitive‚ precisely suited to the work […]
The meditative expressive style of the piece [Singalong Junk] is obvious and well rendered by the two young pianists […]
Finally‚ with Edward Elgar‚ the duo takes the liberty of playing «Introduction and adagio»‚ nice lyric piece‚ very « elgarian »‚ by its personal style‚ that both pianists respect very honourably. The « canon » part is particularly well done. »
- Laurent Leblond‚ L’Avantage Josée et Martin Caron jouent McCartney


British Music for Piano Four Hands
XXI-21 Productions Inc. XXI-CD 2 1603
Release: 2009
Total time: 57min25

Sir Paul McCartney (1942-?) Linda McCartney (1941-1998)
Appaloosa-Meditation (1992) 04:12
Transcribed and arranged for Piano Duet by Martin Caron

Sir Paul McCartney (1942-?)
A Leaf (1994)
Arranged for Piano Duet by Martin Caron

Andante Semplice 01:38
Poco Più Mosso 01:15
Allegro Ritmico 02:33
Andante 02:45
Allegro ma non Tanto 01:48
Moderato 01:24
Andante Semplice 01:00

Singalong Junk (1968) 05:52
Arranged for Piano Duet by Frédéric Brunel

Sir Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
Overture from the Opera « The Wasps » 08:48
Transcribed for Piano Duet by Martin Caron

Sir William Walton (1902-1983)
Duets for Children-Book 1 (1940)
Original Version for Piano Duet (Oxford Music Edition)

The Music Lesson (Andantino) 00:45
The Three-Legged Race (Vivo) 00:41
The Silent Lake (Adagio) 01:12
Pony Trap (Gaiamente) 01:04
Ghosts (Largo) 02:19
Hop Scotch (Leggiero) 00:38

Duets for Children-Book II (1940)
Original Version for Piano Duet (Oxford Music Edition)

Swing-Boats (Giocoso deliberatamente) 00:43
Song at Dusk (Larghetto) 01:03
Puppet’s Dance (Allegro) 01:29
Trumpet Tune (Alla Marcia) 02:16

Sir Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
Introduction and Allegro Op.47 for Strings (1905) 14:00
Transcribed for Piano Duet by Martin Caron

Recorded at Montréal’s Historic Bon-Pasteur Chapel
Piano: Fazzioli
Executive Producer: Martin Duchesne
Photos: Terry Lalos
Graphisme: Joséphine Rondot
Texts: Josée Caron
Traduction: Patricia Abbott
Distributed by: DEP‚ Universal
Commissioned by: XXI-21 Productions Inc.

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Photo credits: © Terry Lalos