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« First class transcriptions and performance. »
- Claude Gingras‚ La Presse

« The very effective duet arrangements are by Martin Caron […]
Duo Caron captures the essence of each piece [of Walton] quite admirably. […]
[Elgar's Introduction and lyrical Allegro] is an effective closing number on a most enjoyable program. […]

I must admit that after a number of hearings of this wonderful release‚ it is the McCartney tunes that I catch myself humming. »
- James Harrington‚ American Record Guide  Read more …

« […] Even today‚ whether they evolve internationally or are more in a national environment […] many other cases of piano duettists […] can arouse astonishment in the best sense of the word‚ justify curiosity and deserve interest. In particular Radu Lupu and Murray Perahia‚ […] Emmanuel Ax and Yoko Nozaki‚ […] the Quebec siblings Martin and Josée Caron […] who cultivate the solo piano while not in the least loath to double solo in duet mode… »
- Jean-Pierre Thiollet‚ NEVA Editions  88 notes pour piano solo

« [It was a vivid reading‚] though surpassed in charisma and colour by Rapsody in Blue by the sister-and-brother team of Josée and Martin Caron‚ with much languorous rubato. […]

The grand finale was Strike up the Band‚ the lively Gershwin tune‚ as transcribed by Martin Caron and played at two pianos by the Carons with Morel and Nemish. It was pure fun‚ a fitting tribute to the composer in his centenary year. »
- Arthur Kaptainis‚ The Gazette  Read more …

Performance: ★★★★★
« The brave and entrepreneurial duo Caron demonstrates that‚ when such arrangements are well played‚ they can be very effective […]

Martin Caron’s transcription [Symphony No. 4]‚ for two pianos four-hands‚ works brilliantly […]

The pianists must be congratulated for their fine articulation throughout this entire disc. Things are always clear - never pounded out - and played with a lively‚ sparkling sound. »
- Heléna Bowkun‚ Classical Music Magazine  Read more …

« […] Morel and Nemish join Duo Caron for a 40 fingers very skilful version of another Gershwin [Strike up the Band]. »
- Claude Gingras‚ La Presse

« […] Needless to say‚ this superb and musical piano duo […] adds a wonderful balance of beautiful and 'singing' tone and combines with their sensitivity to the musical line and add nuance‚ great expression and at times a true flair for the dramatic‚ makes for an exciting and memorable recital disc here. […] »
- Dennis E. Ferrara‚ Amazon | Top Contributor: Classical Music  Read more …

« In listening to the works performed by Josée and Martin Caron‚ I was impressed by the mastery and wealth of their game‚ as had been critical Carol Bergeron and Claude Gingras […]

I was particularly fascinated by the stripped version of «Night on Bald Mountain» by Mussorgsky‚ which goes straight to the point. »
- Roméo LeBlanc (1927-2009)‚ Governor General of Canada (1995-1999)
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« The performers […] share their enthusiasm with the audience […] their interpretation reveals intimate knowledge of the score. Nothing is left out […] »
- Carol Bergeron‚ Le Devoir  Read more …
(French language)

« In the Concert Hall Bouchard Morisset Conservatory Rimouski, virtuoso pianists have played extracts of this superb album [Mendelssohn] […] And in the performance‚ the duo helped highlight his virtuosity and precision‚ as well as the accuracy and robustness‚ an impressive interpretation […] »
- Laurent Leblond‚ lebonblanc.overblog.com  Read more …
(French Language)

« […] the Duo Turgeon‚ the Duo Caron and the Duo Lucille Chung and Alessio Bax‚ among several others‚ are worth knowing. »
- Julie Berardino‚ La Scena Musicale  Read more …
(French Language)

« [Martin Caron] carries on a tradition which was popular in the Romantic era. A most interesting idea to take up this formula. »
- Jean Marchand‚ Pianist‚ Chronique du disque‚ Radio CBC French Network

« […] An excellent disc of music for piano four hands‚ all in subtlety‚ to the glory of the greatest composers of the 20th century‚ including Sir Paul McCartney […]»
- Michel Laverdière‚ Quebec Beatles Magazine  Read more … (French Language)

« An impressive personality and instrumental technique […] the most promising and original duo of pianists in Quebec. »
- Jean-Eudes Vaillancourt‚ Artistic Director UMMUS Productions

« The Duo Caron‚ resolutely turned toward modernity‚ showcases works from Paul McCartney‚ William Walton and Edward Elgar. Nicely and successfully done. »
- Christophe Rodriguez‚ Le Journal de Montréal

« A performance [CD Transcriptions for 2 Pianos 4 Hands] outstanding in its clarity and harmony. I enjoy transcriptions of such important and difficult orchestral works. »
- Helena Sá e Costa (1913-2006)‚ Pianist

« The two-piano team gives a sensitive and convincing interpretation. A recording [Tchaikovsky for 4 Hands] to savour. »
- Le Musicien Québécois

« Josée and Martin Caron’s recital gave justice to the true talent of these flexible‚ energetic and well-rounded pianists‚ as well as to the works they played. […] As for the concert as a whole‚ the team gave an extremely elegant reading [of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite] for piano four hands. Their interpretation was fresh and sensitive. »
- Laurent Leblond‚ Le Rimouskois  Read more …
(French Language)

« A unique and original project […] this CD [Transcriptions for 2 Pianos 4 Hands] reveals the talent and boldness of these young performers. »
- Le Musicien Québécois

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Le Duo Caron lance son 4e album
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Lancement of Album: Mendelssohn - Transcriptions for 4 Hands
Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Rimouski

Les Dominicales Concert Series‚ Duo Caron
« With immense charisma and fiery dexterity‚ the Duo Caron […] » >>>
by Alexia Jensen

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Le dynamisme des Concours de musique
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Festival International de Duo-Piano du Québec: Jamais deux sans trois
by Dominique Olivier‚ Voir

Josée et Martin Caron - Vivre dans une valise
by Dominique Olivier‚ Voir

Jeunesses Musicales Canada
Sons et Brioches (Tchaikovsky)
Sons et Brioches (Transcriptions)

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Montréal International Piano Festival
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