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Mendelssohn‚ Transcriptions for 4 Hands
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Duo Caron SMD 225-1 With the richness of its polyphonic writing‚ its tumultuous character‚ this great work that is the Italian symphony‚ lent itself exceedingly well to a piano transcription‚ one which‚ in this Martin Caron's unpublished edition‚ brings out the percussive and virtuosic dimensions of the instrument.
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88 notes pour piano solo

« Even today‚ whether they evolve internationally or are more in a national environment […] many other cases of piano duettists […] can arouse astonishment in the best sense of the word‚ justify curiosity and deserve interest. In particular Radu Lupu and Murray Perahia […] Emmanuel Ax and Yoko Nozaki […] the Quebec siblings Martin and Josée Caron […] »

- Jean-Pierre Thiollet‚ NEVA Editions  
88 notes pour piano solo

« [It was a vivid reading‚] though surpassed in charisma and colour by Rapsody in Blue by the sister-and-brother team of Josee and Martin Caron‚ with much languorous rubato. »  Press Review
Arthur Kaptainis‚ The Gazette

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« The very effective duet arrangements are by Martin Caron […]

Duo Caron captures the essence of each piece [of Walton] quite admirably] […]

I must admit that after a number of hearings of this wonderful release‚ it is the McCartney tunes that I catch myself humming. »  Read more … 

- James Harrington‚ American Record Guide